Trade King Review

I have been getting quite a few visits via category references to Trade King. When I was researching on-line brokers, Trade King became my pick because of their low commission structure: $4.95 for stock trades and $4.95 plus 65 cents per contract for options trade. Due to the smaller size of this account, low commissions are very important.

When I opened this account I had never traded stocks or options on line before. I found the information available on the numerous screens of the Trade King website to be very informative. Placing trades was quite easy and I was able to trade stocks and options quickly and understand what the heck I was doing. Trade King provides a lot of information on the site that can help with trading ideas. In fact, I just clicked on the Market Snapshot under the Quotes + Research tab and found some more useful information I had not seen before.

I have found the most useful tool so far to be the options scanner. This tool give you a lot of options and filters to find trade possibilities that meet the strategy you are trying to implement.

I only have a couple of negatives: First, account updates slow waaaay down at the end of the trading day. This is not really an issue for me because I am not day trading, but I would think it could be frustrating to those who do. Second, the account gain/loss screen does not always have the cost basis for the option positions in my account. However, I can always find that info on the activity screen.

Overall, I am very pleased with the service and information available through Trade King.

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