Option Trading Ideas

1 Option Trading is having a open house of the website and premium trading service. If you scroll down you can link to his actual recommendations for 3 levels of service.

It is interesting to see how difficult it is even for a seasoned professional to be consistantly profitable trading options. Makes me feel a little better about some of my trades that do not go the way I want.


One Response to “Option Trading Ideas”

  1. Pete Says:

    Thank you for the mention and link to 1Option. Yes, option trading is tough. Anyone who tells people otherwise either hasn’t been doing it for more than a few years or is lying. I’m proud of my record and I have plenty of losers. I’m about 4 weeks from having a year’s worth of data and at that time I will publish it publicly. I equate directional option trading to a boxing match. You go 14 rounds exchanging punches and you better land more that you take. Once in a while you will land a knockout punch. The key is to make sure you never put yourself in a position to get knocked out. It could end your career. There are “windows” of opportunity each year that will generated the majority of profits. I have found that my performace is marginal most of the time and then i hit a big streak when the conditions line up. When this decline runs its course, there will be a fantastic covered call writing opportunity. Finally, the option premiums are coming back. This is a very nice site.

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