Expiration Tomorrow

Tomorrow the last day of trading for the March stock options. I have two March contracts; TFSM will expire worthless and GIGM is still just below the $12.50 strike price.

I hope GIGM goes uncalled. Option premium for another month is very good. I am curious what will happen tomorrow. The costs of rolling out before expiration are too high to make sense, so I am at the market’s mercy.

After tomorrow, I should have 3 of my 4 stock positions uncovered. The May option contracts will start trading next week, so I will be looking for premium opportunities.


2 Responses to “Expiration Tomorrow”

  1. Aquines Anderson Says:

    Hi I’m interested in trading…….stocks…..options….

  2. James Hunaban Says:

    Just getting into trading. There is a lot to learn.

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