New Trades

First thing, finally unloaded the dog of MED! They came out on Friday with more bad earnings news. I originally bought the stock 1/23 for $9.75, sold today for $6.32. I did make $130 in option premium, but still a pretty bad loss.

I sold the April $12.50 call on GIGM for $.85. My cost on the stock is $12.40, so a 6.8% return if uncalled for 1 month.  I have done will with this stock so far, and the company prospects look good.

I still own TFSM, which I bought at close to $10. I think the price will continue to move up from the current $7.70. I will wait until I can get some reasonable premium on $10 strike options and hopefully sell a couple before the price recovers to above $10.

I am currently looking at two stocks: PKD and RMIX for covered call write opportunities. The options on these stocks are thinly traded and I could not get filled for either one today at prices I wanted. I would actually like to see a little price pull back before I invest.


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