To be or not to be? TFSM

My little covered call portfolio currently has four stock positions. Three are doing OK, one, 24/7 Media, TFSM, has me perplexed. I purchased the stock in February for around $10 and sold the March $10 call for $.45. During the recent market decline the stock pulled back to around $8 and has stagnated there.

I have been waiting for the price to start some sort of upward trend so the $10 calls start building some premium and I could sell another call. Not happening yet! So do I sell the stock and look for another opportunity or hold on.

Later that same day: I have sold TFSM and am looking for another covered call opportunity.

Right now I would like to put the money to better use, just haven’t found said better use. The market is somewhat stagnant and I have not been looking that hard.


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