One week to option expiration

I have 3 sold calls expiring next week on GIGM, PKD, and DYN.  All three are currently above the strike price and I expect GIGM and PKD to be called away. DYN has been making a habit of falling back below the $10 strike price during the week before expiration, so I am interested to see what happens this time.


3 Responses to “One week to option expiration”

  1. wealthseminar Says:

    how do you pick gigm, pkd and dyn as your choice to do covered call ?

  2. The Trader Says:

    Tim, I just added you to my blogroll. I thought I did it a while ago, but just clued in. sites are blocked by my company firewall, so I don’t get to your blog as often as I’d like to. I guess they think I should work while I’m there.
    I’m also curious how you picked these three. DYN looks quite risky.

  3. Tim Says:

    I have just started this about 6 months ago. Due to my small account size currently, I first find stocks that fit the price ranges I want to trade in with options available. I start weeding down the list by reading all I can find on the companies and their prospects to make the best “educated” choices I can.

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