Friday Review-Covered calls work

This time when the market had tough days I did much better than the last downturn in February. I attribute this to a couple of reasons:

1. I am picking better stocks. Of course this makes sense, but I like small cap, high volatility stocks to write covered calls against, so picking good stocks is a challenge.

2. Better timing. I find stock I am interested in and pick them up when they have had a hopefully temporary drop. The day after earnings release is a good time to check on prices. If you like the stock, you have 3 months to earn options premium until the next earnings release.

3. Mixing out of the money and in the money covered calls. Having some ITM positions give a comfort level when the market drops. The OTM positions give more option selling opportunities at expiration.

Finally, the unexpired option premium in my account is less than the value drop this week, so I know my account will keep growing through these tough times in the market.


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