Jeff Matthews on Berkshire Hathaway

Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up

Jeff Matthews is always great. Good info on the phenomenon that is Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet.


Cruising along-CNBC Portfolio Challenge

All of my positions (all 4 of them!) are in good shape, so I had little to write about this week. Next week I have 2 options expiring, it looks like DNY will get called away and I will get to write another call on SLW. Both have moved up nicely over the last few days.

GIGM has fallen back to the $14.50 range. I currently have a May $15 call sold against it. But still weeks to go before expiration.

On April 4 I entered the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge.  I am proud to report that I currently rank in the top 22%. I picked a few stocks I have been watching plus some fast movers from the Motley Fool CAPS for about 20 positions. I have made most of my gains by answering the bonus questions each day.

End of the Week

Since I have $59 in cash in the account, no possible trades. Plan is to stand pat until the Dec call on NAT matures (?). Currently out of the money for NAT so will decide at that time whether to sell another call.

It appears now that I have settled on a strategy, I will be making about 1 trade a month until the account grows until I can carry more positions. Next week I will attempt to put into words the strategy that swims around in my head.

Used the Tag Tracker here and found another blog on options: Trading Options. I am going to use his disclaimer on my about page.